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Client Testimonials

See what clients had to say after their sessions and then experience the healing for yourself.

“From our first moments together and throughout the session, I felt so at ease. Jen was incredibly warm and friendly, which made it easy to feel at home and let your guard down. Some simple stretching and a peaceful, soothing guided meditation was a great ice breaker into the session. I've even used the visualizations and places Jen took me when I have meditated on my own since then because it was so lovely and relaxing. I felt immense tranquil, healing energy as Jen worked and she was a lovely guide, making me feel incredibly safe and taken care of. Since the session, I've felt a growing trust in myself, an area Jen identified as potentially holding me back from reaching some of my spiritual goals. I truly can't wait to to get back! I can't thank her enough!”

– Bre D.

Student Testimonials

Read what Jen's students are saying about their experiences in learning the art of Reiki healing.

"Taking Jen’s Level I & II Reiki class has opened me up to getting to know a side of myself I thought I’d lost. Not only was I able to become a part of such a beautiful cohort of souls, I got to dive deeper into myself. I signed up for this course with hopes to be able to reconnect with myself and the universe in a more intimate way, however the change that I’ve experienced since taking Jen’s course is immeasurable. I’m so extremely grateful for the experience Jen created and the love and compassion every step of the way. I highly recommend taking this course if you feel the calling to do so— even the slightest whisper in the back of your head, I encourage you to do it. I feel more connected to myself and the universe around me than I ever have before. I’m blessed to be able to have this connection not only for myself, but also to be able to do my part in helping others in the countless ways I was taught in this course. Thank you so much Jen!"

– Level I & II Student

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