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The wound is the place where the light enters you.

- Rumi

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that calls upon Universal life-force energy to address physical ailments, emotional pain, and mental distress, opening the connection between the spiritual body and the Universe to realign and release energetic blocks. Jen channels Reiki to the client through a hands-on approach per their comfort level, allowing her to balance the chakra system and create harmony on all levels of being.

How does distance Reiki work?

Time and space are only physical limitations, and therefore do not interfere with energy. This allows us to connect through higher dimensions of the quantum field - where we are all interconnected and part of a much larger whole. Because of this, healing is transmitted just as easily and effectively through a computer screen as it is in-person.

What can I expect?

During a session, Jen uses the deeply healing Master frequency of Reiki along with purifying and uplifting Holy Fire energy to create an environment that allows the body, mind, and spirit to shift energetically, and uses her intuitive abilities to shine a light on any insights or messages that come through during the energy connection.

How often do I need a Reiki session?

Reiki can never harm and will always serve your Highest Good, so it is safe to use even on a daily basis. Jen's goal, however, is for you to trust yourself deeply and know that your body and spirit are the best guides in sensing when you could most benefit from additional sessions, depending on your unique needs and goals for healing. While more frequent sessions can be beneficial, you will never be told that you need anything more than trust in your own inner compass. 


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